Peter J. Marsh, MA


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5525 N Union Blvd
Ste 103
Colorado Springs, CO 80918-1967
(719) 425-1660
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People experience problems, which result in forming beliefs about themselves, which may be false resulting in negative emotions that impact their choices. During the counseling process, I validate people's experiences helping them uncover the truth about their inherent value and worth. I focus on what clients believe about themselves and how those beliefs shape their behavior. I emphasize the solutions not the problems. Together with the client, we re-frame perceptions in light of discovered truth and create new perceptions that influence our feelings and thinking.

In couples quest for acceptance and validation, I teach couples that conflict and pain can serve as change agents that motivates them to discover the path to healthier functioning within the relationship.

I specialize in sexual addiction recovery helping clients find a path to freedom from compulsive and negative behaviors. For many, compulsive sexual behaviors have destroyed their most important relationships. Recovery from sexual addiction is possible with help. Clients can expect to find an accepting environment where transparency is rewarded and freedom found.
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