Thomas B. Luttrell, PhD


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Thomas Luttrell, PhD, LMFT / LCMFT
Practice Description
HigherChange seeks to create a “higher change” in your life by providing whole-person counseling for individuals, couples, and families. This means that we care about all aspects of your wellness, in the context of your relationships.

HigherChange was founded by Dr. Thomas Luttrell, licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, and his wife, Hannah, to serve the people of Maryland, California and Singapore. The founders are followers of Jesus Christ, whose life was spent sharing healing love to everyone He met. As such, HigherChange serves people of all faiths or non-faith persuasion. HigherChange accepts people where they are, and welcomes those who hold different beliefs or lifestyles without imposing any. Life and therapy can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time, and we look forward to joining together with you in this journey towards HigherChange.
Office Information
Our office is located in Maryland, but we provide telehealth (video conferencing) services for residents of California and Singapore.
Couples, Intimacy, Depression, Divorce, Pre-marital Counseling, Sex Therapy, Sexual Abuse, Spirituality, Religion


License License NumberState
Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family TherapistLCM754Maryland
Licensed Marriage and Family TherapistLMFT 111604California


Date Earned DegreeInstitutionMajor
6/14/2016PhD Marital and Family Therapy